New York City Writers Network is your one-stop-shop for all things writing, reading, and publishing. We are a platform, a community, and a support system for our members. Still not sure if this is the right place for you? Let us convince you!


Networking & Exposure


Increase your exposure to like-minded individuals. Members include writers, readers, freelancers, and publishing professionals, and they’re all here to connect! By joining NYCWN, you’ll have access to our member directory; a comprehensive index of our members that makes interacting easier than ever!

Knowledge & Resources


Between our official blog and our network of experienced writers and professionals, everything you need to further your goals is right here, at your fingertips. We work tirelessly to gather useful, relevant information and resources in one place for easy reference. 



Be amongst the first to know about writing, publishing, and job opportunities. Not only is NYCWN always on the look out for contributors to our official blog and newsletters, but we’re also constantly searching for opportunities outside of The Network to inform our members of. Always stay up-to-date on writing and publishing opportunities, job openings, and entry and application deadlines.

Events, Workshops, & Seminars


NYCWN is more than a platform, we’re a community. While we want our members to be able to keep in touch online, we hope to bring you together off. Through events such as write-ins, open-mic nights, and social nights, as well as workshops, seminars, and more, NYCWN is always providing members with opportunities to meet, share, and support one another in person.

Community & Support

We believe that no one can understand the trials and tribulations of being a writer the way another writer can. Our community is our greatest ally! NYCWN encourages members to not only connect and engage, but to inspire, to assist, to root for, and to support one another.


Are you looking for an editor? A cover designer? A beta-reader? Are you looking for someone to join your writing group? Attend your event? Maybe you’re just after another pair of eyes for the chapters you’re working on. Whatever your writing, reading, and publishing needs, New York City Writers Network is the place to start!

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