New York City Writers Network is a New York-based organization that aims to connect writers, readers, and publishing industry professionals.




Our goal is to provide our members with a safe space to network, share, and grow, both online and off. NYCWN strives to be a one-stop-shop — a resource, a platform, and a community — for all things writing, reading, and publishing related.



By connecting writers, readers, and industry professionals from New York City and beyond, we continue cultivate an open exchange of creativity, information, opportunities, and, most of all, support. 

Who We Are


Members range from writers and readers, to editors, designers, marketers, and literary agents. We are freelancers, industry professionals, published and unpublished, beginners and experts. But one thing we all share is a love of the craft.

New York City Writers Network

PO Box 634

New York, NY 10037

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